Laser cavity scanner


A radiation and  X-ray free way of detecting surface cavities with much higher accuracy than the old dental pick.  We scan almost every patient after their cleanings for no extra fee.



Laser intraoral scanner


No more molds for crowns.  Scans are emailed to the lab, and their 3D printers quickly make your highly accurate replacement tooth.  Scans also can instantly simulate your future straight teeth, so you can visualize your smile before committing to Invisalign. And finally, scans record the grinding marks of your teeth, so we can determine if you’re still grinding.

IPad Dental Education Apps and Intraoral Pictures


Dr. Niknia can visually show you pictures inside your mouth on his iPad and educate you on the best way to keep your teeth as healthy as possible.



Digital X-ray sensors


Provide instant pictures with much less radiation than traditional X-ray films.


Ultrasonic Scalers


Our hygienists provide a superior cleaning with our computerized ultrasonic scalers that provide a more efficient and accurate teeth cleaning.